Healthy Lunch Salad for White Collar

Eat the easiest salad every day, but don't wanna stick to the simple leaves.
You can have your lunch salad ready in 15 minutes every morning, isn't that great?


How to make a healthy white-collar lunch salad?  


    2 stalks of asparagus
    Half a carrot
    10 g Blue Cheese
    1/4 can of tuna
    A white hard-boiled egg
    Chubby Japanese Salad Dressing
    A tomato
    Some lettuce leaves


    • Step 1
    Prepare all the above ingredients, the colorful combination helps to increase the appetite!  



    • Step 2
    The asparagus and carrots are cooked in butter and put together in a bento box!
    Use Caperci's salad box to make a nice dish.
    Protein fruits and vegetables are available! Nutrition is enough!


           ❤️Blue Cheese is not fit for everyone! Many people find this Cheese a bit smelly, and it also has a slightly salty taste, be sure to taste careful ~

           ❤️ Add the Chubby Salad Dressing before you eat! Otherwise, tomatoes and other vegetables are prone to dehydration and shrinkage, precipitating a lot of water

           ❤️ Carrots are more nutritious with a little cooking ₍₍◝(ˊ-◡-ˋ)◞₎₎



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